Yesterday was fun!

Posted: June 26, 2010 in FUN

the day started so fast. i was for the first time in my life had the joy of teaching my incredibly talented teacher a little bit something that will help him be a little bit more technologic in art. 🙂

and when i see how people can be that modest, that’s what i feel the lack of it mostly (not in me, of course, haha), i felt like, OMG there are still people in the world that encourages you to do good and feel good about it at the same time. i have already appreciated my teacher so much, but now, i really adore the way how he is being human before he is being an artist. thanks for that!

after the short lesson, me and my friends (Rabia, Zehra, and Ezgi) met in Kadikoy and have a gorgeous time drinking our coffees and having a good talk about what should we do with our styles of delivering. 😀

then we tour around Moda and had a little break in a lovely cafe, when we meet our teacher (Gurbuz Dogan Eksioglu) there. As i told the beautifulness of Moda the other day, we end up meeting a designer friend of Gurbuz’s (Ufuk Gurgenc), and talked a good talk for like an hour or so.

And here are some of the photos that taken by my friend, Rabia:

look how i look like a smart ass out there 🙂

lovely gals drinking a strawberry lemonade

on the way back home Zehra saw a hot dog place, and we all had some (some of us maybe had more then one 😀 cuz they are really delicious)

you see, i never let go of my hot dog 😀

all and all it was a beautiful long day!

let’s do it again sometime soon, shall we?


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