I am already braindead

Posted: September 8, 2010 in FUN
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past 3 weeks

all happened too fast

we had the best holiday so far

in the departure date we left our apartment key to a totally unknown person (Sanran), then he became our friend

we came back home and found 3 turtles in our bathtub

then 2 days later another unknown person came into our lives (Nanna) and then we have the key-maker to made another pair of keys to our house

and we gave it to Nanna as well

four days later Stine came by

luckily she didnt want another pair of keys

between those days,

i lost my very best 2 friends to a foreign country

lucky for them but try to imagine how sad and lonely it is for me now

i took power plate classes, lost some weight (not much indeed)

i paid a lot to starbucks

i learned that a very crazy friend of mine was pregnant with identical twins

then before they grow, she lost one of them

then i learned that he is a boy

then the turtles started to stink

then Sedef came back to Turkey, left Filip behind

she bought herself a bike

Nanna and Stine swam in the Caddebostan Beach

Stine moved out to another apartment

Deniz went to Wien with no money, still there, she said she didnt like the city at all

Stine came back to our place to take shower – no hot water in the new apartment

i met a few Erasmus people

i had a job interview with Turkish Do&Co

i was waiting for an answer today, but i didnt get any

lack of education

Okan had a job interview

we are waiting for the results

me and Yuri and Sedef went to a fortune teller

Yuri and I had our fortunes telled

she said i will be pregnant in 2011

Stine cancelled her flight and bought new tickets for this Friday

We moved the aquarium in Sanran’s room

Sanran went to Izmir to visit his parents

i didnt pay the tuition fee

next week i need to enroll, but i dont know if i am still a student or not

i made 2 new illustrations, one of which was selected as favorite by my sweet Oganin, i made it for Gulben’s birthday

now it is (painting) in Germany

Ozzy moved in to London

I havent got much news and i miss her too much

oganin bought a new laptop but it was not working properly then we changed it with another brand

he installed Win7 in it

i have my hair cut, now it is so short

tomorrow is holidays

we all will go to Esma, but i cannot sleep

and i am now drinking Sanran’s vodka in Inci’s balcony

Nanna just came home before i came here

and mosquitos bite

i hate um!


Happy holidays ya’all!

  1. sun run says:

    now ıts all clear why you dont pıck up my calls. teenage mutant nınja turtles wıll have theır revenge. the 4th one wıll come and conquer woohoo

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